NEW YORK — March 9, 2023 — Skillshare, the world’s largest online community for creatives, today announced a series of product enhancements to equip users to set, track and achieve their learning goals across the platform’s offering of more than 30,000 classes on a wide range of creative disciplines including graphic design, AI, video editing, painting, illustration and more. The initial rollout of Badges and Class Certificates resulted in an 98 percent increase in users submitting a class project, the strongest shift in user behavior based on a product update the platform has seen since its launch in 2010.

“A large number of Skillshare members come to the platform for continued professional learning to master new skills and make themselves more marketable in an increasingly challenging job market,” said Matt Cooper, CEO, Skillshare. “We are constantly adding value for our users by offering tangible tools they can utilize in their real lives – and these new products are part of that continued mission to foster meaningful outcomes across the platform.”

The three new features, Badges, Class Certificates and Learning Paths, are now available to all users today, providing Skillshare subscribers with added value and motivation to reach their learning goals and differentiate themselves in an uncertain and competitive job market.

Badges – Badges help users to mark progress and celebrate accomplishments by incorporating an element of gamification to the Skillshare experience. Users can earn badges for the learning they are already doing and see their growth and activity over time to stay motivated to hit that next big milestone.

Class Certificates – Certificates are a new way for users to get recognized for their creative accomplishments and share them with others. By completing a class and submitting a class project users receive a formal confirmation of their efforts.

Learning Paths – With more than 65 currently available (and more on the way) Learning Paths provide users with a curated series of sequential classes across a particular skill area. The guided experience helps users build up their skills with increasingly advanced classes, helping them to build confidence, master skills one by one to reach their learning goals and deepen a skillset.
In addition to Badges, Certificates and Learning Paths, Skillshare is also home to more than 30,000 classes on a variety of topics taught by industry leaders and working professionals, on topics including illustration, design, photography, and more. Members around the world love Skillshare for discovering inspiration, learning new skills, and putting their talents to work in ways they care about. In 2022 members completed more than 1.8M Skillshare classes in their entirety. Skillshare’s vast catalog also includes recently published classes from Joy Cho, Jacob Collier, Morgan Harper Nichols, Joe Ando and more.

About Skillshare:
Skillshare is the world’s largest online learning community for creativity. With more than 742,000 subscribers and over 30,000 video-based classes exploring a wide range of creative disciplines from graphic design to photography to painting and illustration to interior design. Skillshare is both a publisher of original content, and an open platform, where anyone who meets our standards and guidelines can upload a class and earn income. Skillshare’s mission is to inspire discovery and growth through creativity. To learn more, go to: