22 Mar 2023
11:00 am ET

Organizations are learning to adapt to new ways of working. Managers bear the brunt of these challenges, and it can be tough. They need the right support to grow the capacity, capability and confidence to lead themselves and their teams.

Hemsley’s brand new model draws on the latest insight and evidence along with 30 years of experience. It captures the multi-dimensional role of managers/leaders and identifies the top 10 capabilities they need to be successful. It challenges assumptions about leader development — why shouldn’t development be exciting and engaging for them too?

In this complimentary Training Industry webinar, your hosts from Hemsley Frasier, Laura Walker, talent development specialist, and Bri Montana, solutions architect, will share Hemsley’s management and leadership framework and explore the most important capabilities for impactful leadership.

In this interactive webinar, your hosts will:

  • Share Hemsley’s management and leadership framework.
  • Explore the most important capabilities for impactful leadership.
  • Help you consider your organization’s current position.
  • Share practical next steps to get you started.