Mendota Heights, MN – November 19, 2019 – Allen Interactions Inc., a thought leader and custom learning solutions company headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, announces today the acquisition of Problem Solutions, an information technology and services company based in Johnstown, PA.

Problem Solutions has a 16-year track record of designing and building praised digital solutions for major organizations in both private and public sectors. Based on unique performance and barrier analysis techniques, they design and create standards, architectures, systems, tools, and products that feature intuitive user interfaces and raise performance efficiency.

This acquisition furthers Allen Interactions’ commitment to providing its clients the means to significantly improve human performance efficiency at measurable levels that prove meaningful to the organization’s success. Far more than a spot of training here and there, Allen Interactions takes on challenges to overcoming performance barriers, onboarding, workforce realignment, technology integration, new product introductions and support, and many others. With the superb talent at Problem Solutions, the Company can now offer a broader range of analysis and technology solutions.

“Whether through human behavior change, automation, or a mix of both, we will continue to work with companies to unleash their full potential,” said Dr. Michael Allen, Chairman and CEO of Allen Interactions. “We are now a one-stop shop for performance enhancement, capable of rounding out an organization’s full Learning Ecosystem when internal departments can use the help.”

“We are incredibly excited to join the Allen Interactions team,” said Mike Hruska, CEO of Problem Solutions. “As the leader in the custom learning space, Allen Interactions has solidified its position as a strategic end-to-end partner. We believe our deep expertise across multiple technology stacks is a perfect complement to Allen Interactions’ solution matrix. And, we are excited to work shoulder to shoulder with a team that clearly aligns with our values and focus on customer success.”

Both companies will be united under the Allen Interactions brand in the months ahead.

About Allen Interactions
Allen Interactions creates powerful custom learning experiences that help achieve organizational business goals by improving performance one interaction at a time. With more than 25 years of deep experience in instructional design, technology, creativity, process, and project management, Allen Interactions consistently achieves positive business impact.

About Problem Solutions
Problem Solutions (PS) builds new technology products and systems for commercial and government customers. Beyond products, PS creates standards, architectures, and tools for public and enterprise developers. PS was founded in 2003 by former researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) ( PS brings together diverse teams that define problems with high precision and speed to deliver actionable solutions that last.