Hemsley Fraser is a turn-key learning partner that helps organizations activate the change they need. We create, deliver and manage learning experiences that engage individuals, teams and the entire workforce. Passionate about learning, and the transformative effect that it can have on today’s work experience, our mission is to transform how people learn, engage and develop in the rhythm of their work … wherever they are.

Providing a complete suite of services – not just content, not just a platform or delivery expertise – clients are often impressed that we can do it all. Clients can flexibly choose across a mix of content, platform and services, to create engaging, relevant and contextualized learning experiences. Using our Excite, Engage, Embed and evolve program design method, we are helping change the way our clients’ businesses learn and engage.



Core Learning Content & Topics

Our core portfolio covers the most in-demand leadership, management, personal development and other soft skills needed for success in today’s work environment. Choose from our pre-built blended experiences, bite-size sessions, online learning and more … we also have a library of off-the-shelf digital and live expert-led content that allows us to create thousands of learning and engagement possibilities for you, both rapidly and cost-effectively. A creative and engaging experience ensures that your learning is effective, memorable and drives business results.


Our Learning Hub Platform

We have a unique take on learning technology; we view it as a way of democratizing learning by bringing awareness, knowledge and application to a global audience anytime, anywhere and in scalable ways.

We also believe that the most effective technology is not simply turned on and left to run, but rather actively and passionately managed by people. In fact, we frequently refer to our digital learning ecosystem as “people-powered technology.” Why do we say that? Because while our online resource library is not the largest in the world, and our platform doesn’t have the most features (both by choice), what we do have are the highest engagement rates and satisfaction scores we’ve ever seen from the use of digital learning tools.


Learner Experience, Engagement & Impact

Hemsley Fraser knows that the way to ensure the success of any learning experience is by focusing on engagement, from the first moment all the way through to the last. We need to get everyone fully aligned to the learning vision: your stakeholders, your learners and their managers alike.

Having worked closely with both our clients and professional partners, we have developed a successful model called HF Symphony that mitigates some of the most common industry challenges faced by organizations launching learning programs.

Other services include:

  • Data insights and engagement.
  • Delegate and supplier management.
  • Branding and creative communications.
  • Translation services.
  • Outsource learning provision.


Top 20 Training Company

Hemsley Fraser has been awarded Top 20 Training Company status by Training Industry in the following categories:

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